About Us

Adhere Consulting is a consulting  company that focus on training and consultation, especially on:
Management system
Performance management
Service management
People skill improvement

Adhere Consulting act as partner and solution provider in the implementation of management system  through our consultant who has the experience in providing consultation and training in more than 100 companies with various industries background incl. manufacturing, hospital, bank, insurance, info & communication technology, oil & gas, mining, housing, apartment, hotel, etc.

About Us

The consultation  and training provided by Adhere Consulting also focus on the organization efficiency and give added value for your organization. 

Our consultation  and training method also focus on applicable implementation for your organization.

Adhere Consulting focus on the integrity, therefore our consultant has high integrity in providing the consultation and training.

Hence your organization can be assisted in achieving the company vision, through our consultation  and training process.
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