Six Sigma is a set of process improvement methodologies that reach beyond functional activities, to rediscover and streamline business core values. Six Sigma techniques are proven to increase productivity, enhance quality and can be applied universally in manufacturing, service, health care, information technology and public sector organizations.
Six Sigma
This project based training will provide you with the needed tools to master Six Sigma best practices, to lead process improvements and deliver tangible results. Six Sigma emphasizes on eliminating defects, reducing rework, cutting wasted operating costs and increasing the level of customer's satisfaction.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to identify improvement projects, measure results, analyze performance data and create improved process solutions. This program consists of two parts: Six Sigma Green Belt and the Six Sigma Black Belt.

To earn the Six Sigma Certificate, you must complete the training, perform a process improvement project and pass written examinations.
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