The development of business world has demanded each and every industrial organization to conduct improvement and control of  environmental effect  that may come of its activities, all products and services established, to fulfill the condition of its customer, law, and other regulation which has been the guidance for the company.
ISO 14001
The ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard can be used for any size of organisation in the public or private sector. More than simply meeting legal obligations, establishing an EMS will involve the whole company and all the environmental aspects of an organisation's processes, products and services.

It includes a full environmental audit, the establishment of performance indicators, processes and company wide systems to minimise environmental impacts, as well as a commitment to continual improvement.

The implementation of ISO 14001 is a solution to improve performance of the company, to control the effect to the environment that may arise from its activities.  The effective system of ISO 14001 has been provide fruitful for the companies that have implemented the system.
The ISO 14001 consultancy program is developed companies towards an established ISO 14001 system, and subsequently to attain ISO 14001 certification. The program is structured to include the review of compliance towards the ISO 14001 requirements, procedures drafting, and setting up of system. The program is customized and scheduled to suit the availability of the company
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